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Access/Coverage from HospitalConnect

Advocacy (also see Policy, Rural Health)
AHA's Policy page

NRHA's Policy and Advocacy page

Administration on Aging - USDHHS

National Institute on Aging


State Associations

Healthcare Financial Management Association - HFMA

Texas Academy of Family Physicians - TAFP

Texas Academy of Physician Assistants - TAPA

Texas Association of Community Health Centers - TACHC

Texas Association of Local Health Officials - TALHO

Texas Association of Rural Health Clinics - TARHC

Texas Hospital Association - THA

Texas Medical Association - TMA

Texas Rural Health Association - TRHA

TMF Health Quality Institute

National Associations

American Hospital Association - AHA (Section for Small or Rural Hospitals)

American Medical Association - AMA

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society - HIMSS

National Association of Rural Health Clinics - NARHC

National Rural Health Association - NRHA

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Behavioral Health (also see Mental Health)

Texas Behavioral Health Institute

Border Health - Colonias Promotoras

HRSA Border Health Program

Office of Border Health (DSHS)

Texas Border Counties Health Workforce Profiles

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Capital Funding (also see Grants/Funding)

HUD 242 - Capital Financing for CAHs

Rural Assistance Center Capital Funding Page


US Census

Census economic data

Texas QuickFacts (by county)


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services - CMS

CMS Regional Offices

CMS Rural Health Open Door Forums

Clinics (also see Federally Qualified Health Centers, Rural Health Clinics)


Coding Resources/Information

ICD-10 Resource Center

Community Development (also see Economic Development)

Coding Resources/Information

ICD-10 Resource Center


CAH Compliance - CMS site

Controller, Texas State

Texas Controller

Texas Finance and Economic Reporting

County Data & Designations

County Designations (MUA/P, HPSA)

County Designations (MUA/P, HPSA, from HRSA)

County Profiles (by Texas County)

OMB Statistical Programs and Standards

Texas Association of Counties

Texas County Web sites

Texas Health Facts (State, Regions, Counties)

Texas Mileage Guide

Texas Primary Care Office

Texas QuickFacts (by County, Census)

Texas State Data Center and Office of the State Demographer

Critical Access Hospital (CAH)

AHA CAH page

CAH Certification and Compliance

CAH Conditions of Participation - CoP

CMS CAH Center

CAH Fact Sheet

CAH Financial Performance Indicators by State

CAH Information from the Flex Monitoring Team

CAH Survey Agency by State

CMS Rural Health Open Door Forum
The Rural Health ODF addresses RHC, CAH and FQHC issues, as well as some inclusion of other questions and concerns that occur in clinical practice pertaining to other CMS payment systems that also extend into these settings. Topics that frequently arise on this forum often deal with payment & billing for services subject to Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) and/or Physician Shortage Area (PSA) status, cost report clarifications, classifications for & qualifications of rural provider types, and the many special provisions being implemented for improving rural health in the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003. Timely announcements and clarifications regarding important rulemaking, quality program initiatives, and other related areas are also included in the forums.

CMS Transmittals and Program Memoranda

Code of Federal Regulation - CFR

Conditions of Participation (CoP) for CAHs

Joint Commissions's Accreditation for CAH

Medicare Payment Basics: CAH Payment System

Texas Department of Rural Affairs

Office of Rural Health Policy - ORHP

Rural Assistance Center CAH Resource Page

Rural Health Resource Center

State Operations Manual, Appendix W - Survey Protocol

Publications: Studies and Policy Briefs:

Impact of BBA & BBRA on Rural Hospitals

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Designations, County (also see County, Health Professions Services)

Census Tract

Core Based Statistical Areas - CBSA

Find Shortage Areas (HPSA, MUA/P) by State & County

Goldsmith Modification Criteria

HPSA, MUA/MUP Designations

Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas

OMB's Definitions

Rural Taxonomies

Rural-Urban Commuting Areas - RUCA

Shortage Designations - HPSA, MUA/P

Statistical Terms Explained

Texas Primary Care Office

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Economic Development (also see Community Development)

Economic Statistics/Indicators

RUPRI's Center for Rural Entrepreneurship


Area Health Education Centers - AHECs

East Texas AHEC

South Texas AHEC

Rural Hospital Education Gateway

West Texas AHEC

Texas Education Agency - TEA

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board - THECB

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Faith-Based Initiatives
Federal Register

Federal Register

Flex Program, Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibilty Program (also see Critical Access Hospitals)

Flex Monitoring Team

Texas Department of Rural Affairs - TDRA

Office of Rural Health Policy - ORHP

Rural Assistance Center - RAC

Rural Health Resource Center

Fiscal Intermediary

Trailblazer Health


Federally Qualified Health Centers - FQHC (also see Community Health Centers)

Health Center Program Requirements

HRSA Primary Care: Health Center Program

Texas Association of Community Health Centers - TACHC

Texas FQHC Incubator Program

Frontier (also see Designations, Health Professions Services)

Rural Assistance Center's Frontier Resource Page

Funding (also see Grant/Funding)

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Effective Rural Governance

Texas Healthcare Trustees- THT

Government & Legislative Affairs

Federal Register

GPO Access Online Resources: A-Z Resource List

Library of Congress - THOMAS Legislative Information

Texas Administrative Code - TAC

Texas Legislature Online

Texas Register


Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's (AHRQ) Funding

HHS Funding/Grants

Office of Rural Community Affairs Rural Health Programs

Office of Rural Health Policy Funding

Rural Assistance Center's Funding Page

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Health Education (aslo see Medical Schools, Residency Programs)

Health Information Technology - HIT (also see Electronic Medical Record, Information Technology, Technology)

American Health Information Management Association - AHIMA

American National Standards Institute - ANSI

Analysis of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Certification Commission for Health Information Technology - CCHIT

Directory of Federal IT Programs

Texas Department of Information Resources

FCC Rural Healthcare Pilot Program

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society - HIMSS

Health Information Technology and Health Data Standards at National Library of Medicine

Health IT Adoption Toolbox

National Resource Center for Health Information Technology

Office for the Advancement of Telehealth - OAT

Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology - ONCHIT

Rural Assistance Center's Health Information Technology Page

Rural Health Resource Center's HIT Tools and Resources

Heathcare Speakers (also see Speakers)

Healthcare Speakers Bureau

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Indigent Care

County Indigent Health Care Program

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J-1 Visa Waiver

Conrad 30 J-1 Visa Waiver Program for Texas

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Managed Care (also see Medicare Advantage)

CMS Health Plans Information

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Needs Assessment (also see Strategic Planning)
Networks, Rural Health

Rural Assistance Center's Networking and Collaboration Resources

Rural Health Network Development Grant

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Office of Inspector General - OIG

Office of Rural Health Policy - ORHP

Texas Department of Rural Affairs - TDRA

Office of the National Health Coordinator for Health Information - ONC

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Patient Safety (also see Benchmarking, Performance, Quality)

AHA Patient Safety Center

AHRQ Patient Safety Tools and Resources

Joint Commission Patient Safety Resources

MedlinePlus Patient Safety Resources

Patient Safety Organization PSO

Peer Review

Performance (also see Benchmarking, Patient Safety, Quality)

Pharmacy (also see Prescription Drug)

CMS Pharmaceutical, Pharmacy, and Device Manufacturers Open Door Forum

Rural Assistance Center's Pharmacy Resources

Texas State Board of Pharmacy


Policy, Rural (also see Advocacy)

NRHA's Policy & Advoacy page

Population (also see Census)


Poverty Statistics

Rural Areas: High-Poverty Counties

Prescription Drugs

CMS Pharmaceutical, Pharmacy, and Device Manufacturers Open Door Forum

CMS Prescription Drug Coverage

Rural Assistance Center's Prescription Drug Resources

340B Drug Pricing Program

Public Health

American Public Health Association

Public Health Preparedness - DSHS

Texas Association of Local Health Officials - TALHO

Texas Public Health Training Center

Public Laws

Patient Safety Reqources - AHRQ

Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act of 2008 (P.L. 110-275)

Analysis of Impact

Impact of MMA on Rural Health Systems and Beneficiaries, 2005

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Recruitment & Retention (also see Workforce)

National Health Service Corps

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Safety Net

AHRQ Rural Health Care Safety Net Resources


Health care Speakers Bureau

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Texas Register

Texas Register

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Uninsurance, Underinsured (also see Health Insurance, Indigent Healthcare)

Code Red: The Critical Condition of Health in Texas

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Workforce, Rural (also see Recruitment & Retention)

Conrad State 30 Program / J-1 Visas