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"The true value of the TORCH Foundation is that it seeks to build partnerships, leverages new funding sources and brings together information, resources and expertise to enhance the ability of rural hospitals to improve access to quality healthcare."

James Vanek, CEO
Lavaca Medical Center
Hallettsville, Texas

TORCH Schlorship applications now available


The TORCH Foundation is pleased to announce that application process is now open for the 2015 MHA, Continuing Education and Internship Scholarships.  Please select the following link for the application you wish to apply for.  A completed application and supporting documentation must be received by March 13, 2015 to be eligible for consideration.  Winners will be announced in late March.


  • 2015 Continuing Education Stipend
  • 2015 Texas Rural Healthcare Internship Stipend
  • 2015 Texas MHA Scholarship Stipend


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    New Report and Publication!

    We have just released the 2012 TORCH Foundation Report and TMLI Special Publication with highlights of our recent accomplishments, current programs and services, as well as a preview of exciting activities in store for the near future. Be sure to check them out!

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