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Critical Access Hospitals
Click here to view our current Critical Access Hospitals.

HRSA Geospatial Data Warehouse
The HRSA Web site contains a variety of tools, data, reports and maps related to health professions.

Maps from RUPRI's Center for Applied Research and Environmental Systems
This Web site contains a variety of maps, each available in printable form, which can also be customized. Maps are available on childcare, CAHs, elderly, FQHCs, frontier, HPSAs/MUAs, Medicare data, minority, LTC facilities, population change, poverty and income levels, RHCs, uninsured and much more!

Office of the Governor - Map Room
This Web site contains a variety of Texas-specific maps, such as Texas county map, Texas Councils of Government Regions, rural and non-rural school districts, as well as national maps, such as taxes and government finance maps, population/demographics, real estate/housing maps, transportation/utilities/energy telecom maps and much more.

Rural Population and Health Care Providers - A Map Book
This Web site features PDF files of rural populations and health care providers in map form. This book, through the use of maps, provides a visual picture of the geographic distribution of rural populations and the health care providers that serve them.

Texas State Data Center & Office of the State Demographer
The Center functions as a focal point for the distribution of census information for Texas. The center also disseminates population estimates and projections for Texas, as well as other information from the federal government, state government and other sources.

UNC Shepscenter's Rural Health Research and Policy Analysis Center
The UNC Web site contains a plethora of maps, by categories, including defining "rural", rural demographics, health status indicators, rural hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, CAHs, health workforce supply, services and programs, and links to other map sites.

US Census Bureau Maps
This Web site contains a variety of thematic and reference maps that show geographic patterns in statistical data sets.

USDA Economic Research Service - Rural Indicator Map Machine
This Web site contains an Internet-based utility that provides a visualization of indicators for rural areas. These indicators include the Rural Typology Code, the Urban Influence Code, the Rural-urban Continuum Code, and the Rural-urban Commuting Areas Code.